10-Second Health Assessments

Test your memory, check for diabetes and see what your body can tell you about longevity with these quick self-tests!

10-Second Health Assessments

Decode what your body says about your health with these simple checks at home. Learn how to test your memory, check for diabetes and more! All you need are 10 seconds and a few easily found items.

Baker's Cyst

Test: Shine a flashlight through the lump behind your knee.

Baker's cysts are sacs of fluid that can build up behind your knee. While they're mostly harmless and generally don't need treatment, they can be very painful when they burst. To see if you might have a Baker's cyst, stand up and have someone look at the back of your knees to see if there's a bulge behind one of your knees. If there is, hold a flashlight up to one side of the buldge. If the light is visible on the other side, it's probably a Baker's cyst. If the light doesn't shine through, you probably have something else and should see a physician. Even if it is a Baker's cyst, you may find it uncomfortable and prefer treatment. In that case, you can go to a doctor and have it drained or treated with medications.

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