16 Steps to a New You in the New Year

Let your New Year’s resolution know you’re in it for the long haul. By taking the following steps, you’ll steadily become the healthier, lighter, younger-looking and all-around better you you’ve always wanted to be. Set out with determination, make the right food, exercise and lifestyle choices, and you’ll get to enjoy a makeover that’ll last a lifetime. Step into 2013 with a renewed sense of what it means to live well!

Breathe to Reduce Stress

“The breath has a direct connection to the mind and is one of the fastest ways to settle the mind down during moments of excess stress. A simple yogic breathing technique, pranayama, takes advantage of this connection between the breath and the mind. Slow, deep breathing shifts the body’s chemistry from a fight-or-flight response to a rest-and-relax state. The best part is you can do this breathing exercise anywhere and at any time.” - Kulreet Chaudhary, MD

Get step-by-step directions to this breathing exercise.

3 Secrets for Choosing the Best Rotisserie Chicken at the Store

How can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy?

The rotisserie chickens at the store can make a great, quick dinner for the family. They can also be good pre-made bases for many recipes! But when they're all sitting together in the same case, how can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy? Here are three insider tips for choosing the best chicken.

1. Reach for the Back

Go for a chicken that's in the back of the case. Because the store typically loads the case from behind, you can bet the chickens in the front will have been sitting there the longest.

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