3 New Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Aches

Your neck hurts, your back aches and you have a knot between your shoulders. Make your pain disappear with these solutions!

3 New Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Aches

When you strain your body from everyday activities, your muscles make and release inflammatory chemicals, which causes soreness. The only way to ease the ache is to block or wipe away these chemicals. Luckily, Dr. Oz has 3 solutions that will help those muscle aches disappear fast!

1. Herbal Soothing Patch

Infused with frankincense & myrrh, these herbs have been used as natural remedies for muscle aches for thousands of years.

• Ancient healers used frankincense, myrrh and oil in bandages to wrap muscle aches.

• These herbs reduce inflammation by stopping the chemical reaction that causes your aches.

• Sold at health food stores or online for roughly $2 per patch, pain relief is only minutes away. Just look for frankincense and myrrh on the label.

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