5 Easy Fixes to Reset Your Hormones

Get back your energy and control your weight with Dr. Natasha Turner’s fixes for the daily habits sabotaging your hormones.

5 Easy Fixes to Reset Your Hormones

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, a few simple mistakes in your day-to-day routine can send your hormones out of whack and leave you feeling tired, overweight and crabby. Fortunately, you can reset your hormones and get your body and mind back on track with these five simple fixes.

Break the Caffeine Habit

Your morning or afternoon coffee fix is sending regular caffeine-kicks straight to your brain, which then stimulates the rest of your body. It makes your blood vessels tighten, your heart beat faster and your muscles twitch – but that’s not all it does. Caffeine also increases levels of your stress hormone, cortisol. Reduce your stress and irritability by ditching your regular cup of joe and opting for chicory tea, a caffeine-free alternative that tastes like coffee.

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