5 Easy Fixes to Reset Your Hormones

Get back your energy and control your weight with Dr. Natasha Turner’s fixes for the daily habits sabotaging your hormones.

5 Easy Fixes to Reset Your Hormones

Even if you think you’re doing everything right, a few simple mistakes in your day-to-day routine can send your hormones out of whack and leave you feeling tired, overweight and crabby. Fortunately, you can reset your hormones and get your body and mind back on track with these five simple fixes.

Resist the PMS Cravings

While the rest of these tips work for both sexes, this one's specially for women. Studies have shown that levels of magnesium, which is needed for proper nerve function, blood pressure control and glucose control, can drop during the menstrual cycle. Since sweet fruits are often high in magnesium, experts think that sweet cravings before our periods may be our bodies’ signal to get more of this important mineral. Instead of eating a cookie, try making a magnesium mix of a few chopped, dried figs, two to three tablespoons of pumpkin seeds and some dark chocolate made with at least 75% cacao.

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