5 Superfood Soup Recipes

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Getting healthy entails more than saying no to those donuts at your morning meeting and hitting the gym four days a week (although that helps). It also means making sure your diet is abundant in superfoods – Mother Nature’s powerhouse crops. And what better way to get those nutrient-packed ingredients than in a delicious, hearty soup?

By tossing fresh vegetables and legumes into a big pot and letting them simmer, you can nourish your body with healthy nutrients that have been linked to lowering your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, blood pressure and high cholesterol. Bonus: Some of these foods may even boost your skin tone and act as a fountain of youth. So what’s not to love? Try these five tasty hot and cold soup recipes.

Leeks for Heart Health

Leeks are in the same family as garlic and onions and share the same heart healthy benefits. They help to promote your cardiovascular system by supporting healthy blood vessels. “Leeks also provide incredibly delicious flavor in soups, which means you can use less salt to get the taste rewards you’re searching for,” says Kirkpatrick. And we all know that less salt is good for our hearts, too! Know what else is good for us? Broccoli. “Broccoli tops the list as one of the best natural cancer fighters around,” adds Kirkpatrick.That’s because compounds in this cruciferous vegetable called isothiocyanates may actually halt the growth of cancer cells, according to several studies.

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