6 Surprising Reasons You Overeat

The real reason you can’t lose could be these six go-to gaffes smart dieters make.

6 Surprising Reasons You Overeat

By Diana Kelly Levey

Whether you’ve been maintaining weight for years, or trying to shed pounds since you were in high school, you probably think you know every diet trick in the book. You measure out portions, are mindful when eating alone and trim fat from your diet. But are these so-called “healthy habits” the reason the scale won’t budge? Here we explore six shocking ways you’re accidentally sabotaging your diet.

You choose portion-controlled snacks.

If you've bought snack packs at the store because you thought they’d help you eat less than the jumbo-size bag would, you could be doing yourself a disservice. A study found that dieters who chose snack-sized bags ate twice as many chips as those who chose jumbo bag. What happened? The dieters didn’t open the jumbo bags because they worried they’d overeat, but with the smaller bags, felt that they had permission to eat more.

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