Avoid Holiday Hazards

Keep your season cheery and bright with these health- and happiness-boosting tips!

Avoid Holiday Hazards

A lot can happen in 24 hours during the holidays. Between last-minute shopping or bustling to get to your relatives’ house, your health and happiness are at risk. Here are easy solutions to common winter problems that will keep your body and mind – as well as your holidays – cheery and bright.

Skin Damage

Just like we winter-proof our homes and cars, our outermost layer needs safeguarding, too. Blustery days and desert-dry air can add up and make your skin feel taut, itchy or flaky.\r\n

\r\nThe Fixes
\r\nBe a grease monkey: It’s a little-known dermatology secret that many lotions contain alcohol and water, which actually dry your skin. Opt for products that contain petrolatum to prevent dry skin.\r\n

\r\nProtect your body: Sledding and playing in the snow creates fond memories, but just five minutes of exposure to dangerous elements can result in frostbite. Arm yourself with a few simple facts so you can protect you and your family from harmful winter injuries.\r\n

\r\nDial down the heat: A hot shower feels good after a brisk day, but did you know it saps your skin of its natural oils that keep it moisturized? Winterize your skin with Dr. Oz's harsh-weather tips.

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