Avoid Holiday Hazards

Keep your season cheery and bright with these health- and happiness-boosting tips!

Avoid Holiday Hazards

A lot can happen in 24 hours during the holidays. Between last-minute shopping or bustling to get to your relatives’ house, your health and happiness are at risk. Here are easy solutions to common winter problems that will keep your body and mind – as well as your holidays – cheery and bright.


It’s hard for holiday time off to feel like a vacation when there are so many obligations. When your nerves are strained, anxiety and anger can erupt at any time.\r\n

\r\nThe Fixes
\r\nGet “me” time: After your kids woke you up too early or you've circled a lot several times to find parking, it’s important to nab alone time to lower your stress hormones. Just five minutes let you recharge and prevent you from burning out. Lower your stress in just five minutes.\r\n

\r\nTake a chill pill: When cortisol, your stress hormone, is on the rise, managing your wellness is in your hands. Dr. Oz recommends a daily dose of 250 mg of jujube, or tame stress with these supplements.\r\n

\r\nAvoid emotional eating: Processed foods like white flour or refined sugars spike insulin and stress-hormone levels. Reach for Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Stress Checklist to identify your triggers and how to regain control.

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