Customized Cleanses for Your Ayurvedic Dosha

Discover your dosha and get a customized cleanse to help renew your body, inside and out.

Customized Cleanses for Your Ayurvedic Dosha

Could your body type be the reason you're feeling tired, constipated or even gaining weight? Heal yourself with an Ayurvedic cleanse that cleans out your toxins by catering to your specific dosha. Find out which of these three juice cleanses is most suitable for you and be on your way to wellness today.

What's Your Dosha?

In order to find out which cleanse is right for you, you'll have to find out which dosha you are: Kapha, Pitta or Vata.

Kapha represents Earth and tends to be a heavier build with slower digestion.

Pitta represents fire and tends to be warm-bodied and prone to inflammation.

Vata represents air and tend to have a thin build and may struggle with constipation.

Find out more about your dosha:
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