Best-Kept Beauty Secrets for a Healthier You!

Beauty is so much more than just a pretty face. Your outward appearance is not just an opportunity to look your best, but it’s also a window into your overall health. Radiant skin is often a reflection of a healthy, nutritious diet. A dazzling smile can reveal inner confidence tied to a healthy attitude. Check out these best-kept beauty secrets designed to help you discover your most beautiful self, both inside and out.

Fight With Retinol

Retinol, a vitamin-A derivative, is an over-the-counter retinoid that can reduce the appearance of fines line and wrinkles, soften rough spots and improve skin discoloration. Look for a product with at least a 0.4% concentration of retinol. (Retinoids are also available in prescription forms.) To use, apply at night before bed. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat dry, then spread a small pea-size dab over your entire face. Be sure to use a good sunscreen (SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection) during the day since retinol can make your skin more sun-sensitive.

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