Dr. Oz's Cholesterol Guide

While you can’t change your genetics, there are safe and effective ways to bring down high cholesterol. Learn how!

Dr. Oz's Cholesterol Guide

If you have high cholesterol, you are no doubt looking for a safe and effective way to bring it down. While you can’t change your genetics, your doctor can prescribe medications that may help lower it – and you can align your diet and lifestyle to support better cardiovascular health as a more proactive and preventive approach. Learn to control your cholesterol the healthy way!

Understand Good Cholesterol

HDL, or good cholesterol, assists in removing LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, from the arterial walls and returning it to the liver to be broken down. Dr. Oz recommends that HDL cholesterol be at least 50 mg/dl, but the higher the HDL cholesterol level, the better.

Think you know cholesterol? Test yourself!

Exactly How to De-Escalate Aggression From a Stranger

Follow security Expert Bill Staton's important advice to keep yourself safe.

Have you ever had a tense interaction with a stranger in public? Perhaps your shopping carts accidentally knocked into each other or there was a misunderstanding in communication and the other person gets angry. You may wonder how you can de-escalate the aggression and exit the situation safely. So security expert Bill Stanton has your go-to advice for staying alert and protecting yourself in the face of verbal aggression and physical attacks.


Bill Stanton: "It always starts with something small, like someone being too close to you, or even more common, you get bumped by a shopping cart. You want to look at their eyes first -it may reveal emotional changes. But you can't rely on just that. Look at what their trunk is doing; a person's torso will reveal their intent. Body language like raising hands, heightened expression, tense shoulders — these are natural responses to a person who is feeling threatened and will escalate. They may begin to zero in on the space between you and them, and their voice will get louder and louder. You want to read this before it gets further and becomes explosive."

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