Dr. Oz’s Science Fair Projects

Learn how to create fun science experiments using basic household items and learn about chemistry, electricity, and more along the way.

Dr. Oz’s Science Fair Projects

From musical glass bottles and dancing raisins to self-inflating balloons and levitating plastic bags, these easy, no-fuss science experiments entertain and delight while illustrating important science lessons. Read on to learn how you can use basic household items to create fascinating effects. And see how Dr. Oz’s celebrity guests and hosts fared in the lab!

Make Raisins Dance

Both late night host Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Joel McHale showed off their science skills to Dr. Oz using this fun experiment, and you can try it for yourself using ingredients from your own kitchen. By adding raisins to a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, you can cause the raisins dance – an entertaining effect that illustrates an important lesson about chemistry. Try this project yourself!

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