Dr. Oz's Weekend Health Challenge

The weekend shouldn’t be a detour from your healthy lifestyle. Use this simple plan to make your weekend truly restorative.

Dr. Oz's Weekend Health Challenge

By the time you crawl into bed on Friday evening, you would rather take a hammer to your alarm clock than have it wake you up on Saturday morning. But when you sleep in too late on Saturday, you find you’re more tired and groggy than ever. Learn how to catch up on sleep the right way.

Drink Smart

There’s nothing wrong with having a cocktail or two, but the next time you’re drinking one, consider these points:\r\n

\r\nHaving only two glasses of red wine as opposed to four translates into saving about 300 calories a night. Over the course of a year, that’s 21 cups of sugar, equating to a five pound weight loss.\r\n

\r\nInstead of wine, try a vodka with soda water – you’ll save around 100 calories. Flavored vodka with soda water provides a bubbly burst of sweetness without the excessive sugar or calories.\r\n

\r\n Click here for more Oz-approved cocktails.\r\n

\r\nAnd don’t forget, you can still toast with classy cocktails sans alcohol. Click here for healthy juice-infused “mocktail” recipes.