Embarrassing Medical Myths Debunked

From dieting to anti-aging, myths are prevalent in many decisions we make concerning our health. But how many of the health facts that we steadfastly believe in are actually false? Even Dr. Oz has had to come clean about some of the myths he once believed.

Read more to find out which medical myths have been fooling you!

Treat Nail Infections

Many people think that all toenail infections need to be treated and medicated, but there are actually two different kinds of toenail infections, fungal and bacterial that require different remedies. Fungal infections are more of a cosmetic issue, and they don’t always need to be treated. Signs of a fungal infection would be infection of just the nail itself and not the surrounding tissue. \r\n

\r\nBacterial infections on the other hand need to be treated right away. Signs of a bacterial infection are redness, swelling and sometimes even puss, and can be treated with an antibiotic cream or pill.

5 Things to Say (& Not to Say) If You See Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

Talking to them about it may be uncomfortable, but it's important not to put it off.

Tackling the issue of dementia when it affects someone near and dear is very difficult, and it is hard to know how to discuss the subject with your affected loved one. However, it is important not to put it off. Just try to make sure it is a gentle encounter — for both of you.

Here are the experts' recommendations on having the first talk.

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