Healthy Fennel Recipes to Fuel Your Organs

Find out the easy ways you can incorporate this healthy herb into your diet and make big changes to your health.

Healthy Fennel Recipes to Fuel Your Organs

You may pass the fennel in your produce section without much thought. But this versatile herb can actually help a variety of common health issues. Fennel can help lower your cholesterol, kick constipation to the curb and relieve a dry scalp! Try these easy recipes for fennel fixes at home.

Lower Your Cholesterol

It's important to keep your heart in good condition, and that means watching your cholesterol numbers. If your doctor has advised lowering your LDL cholesterol, try this fennel trick. Simply add it to your soup:

\r\nSauté a fennel bulb in a pan with olive oil until tender – it cooks in just a few minutes. You can add it to white bean, vegetable or chicken soup. Not in the mood for soup? Try adding some raw fennel to your favorite salad.

\r\nWith just 1/2 cup of fennel per day, you could be on your way to lower cholesterol.

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