The Hidden Calories in "Healthy" Party Foods

There are nutritious snacks at a holiday party, and there are foods that only seem nutritious. We sort the naughty from the nice.

By Corrie Pikul

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We park ourselves next to the crudités thinking: "Vegetables. Plain, naked vegetables. This is what we shall eat – and only this." But before we know it, we've consumed hundreds of calories of dip. "Party dips are never low fat," says Gensler – unless you make them yourself using a healthier recipe (like one of these). \r\n

When you're at someone else's party, fill your plate with bell pepper strips, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks. Now add a scoop of dip the size of an ice cube. Your plate can literally overflow with vegetables (and you can go back as often as you'd like), says Gensler, but you're stuck with one serving of dip, so ration accordingly.