The Hidden Calories in "Healthy" Party Foods

There are nutritious snacks at a holiday party, and there are foods that only seem nutritious. We sort the naughty from the nice.

By Corrie Pikul

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Petite Appetizers

Miniature spinach-and-mushroom quiches seem healthier than miniature cheddar-and-bacon quiches – look at all those green flecks! – but Gensler says the nutritional value of the vegetables is low compared to the mega-fattening butter, eggs and cheese.

Here's another factor to keep in mind: A recent study showed that foods we consider to be sensible diet choices seem less satisfying than those we think of as decadent. This has the effect of making us eat even more of the "better" choice (i.e., the veggie apps) than we would of the indulgent ones. These mini quiches are 80 to 120 calories each, and that can quickly add up if you're eating them like carrot sticks. If you really want the cheddar-and-bacon version, have one or two – and make it a point to savor those bites.