Jimmy Kimmel's Lab Book

Watch late night host Jimmy Kimmel impress Dr. Oz with a science trick involving raisins.

Jimmy Kimmel's Lab Book

When Dr. Oz stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was in for a surprise. The host and funnyman, known for his spot-on humor and celebrity pranks, donned his white lab coat and showed off a science trick involving “dancing raisins.” Learn how Jimmy made raisins dance using simple household items. Then try the experiment for yourself!

How did Jimmy make raisins dance?

When Jimmy added vinegar to the solution of water and baking soda, he created something called carbonic acid, a compound that breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. Bubbles of the carbon dioxide then attached to the raisins and lifted them up. When the bubbles popped, the raisins fell down again, creating a “dancing” effect.

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