Kick the Habit Challenge

By quitting smoking, you'll make yourself at least five years younger, have better orgasms and save money.

Kick the Habit Challenge

Giving up tobacco is the single most important thing you can do for your health and the health of those around you. Even if you do not smoke in their presence, you exhale fine particles of tobacco that cause inflammation.

Day 1: A Commitment to Quit

Get started by pledging to exercise 30 minutes per day and by making your home a comfortable, safe and smoke-free environment. During this time, you may continue to smoke.

Walk 30 minutes a day and enlist a buddy. This person should be a non-tobacco user or someone else who is also trying to quit. Speak to or email this person each day to confirm you've done your walking. When the going gets rough, this person will cheer you on and offer moral support.

Here's What to Say (& What Not to Say) If You See Signs of Dementia in a Loved One

Talking to them about it may be uncomfortable, but it's important not to put it off.

Tackling the issue of dementia when it affects someone near and dear is very difficult, and it is hard to know how to discuss the subject with your affected loved one. However, it is important not to put it off. Just try to make sure it is a gentle encounter — for both of you.

Here are the experts' recommendations on having the first talk.

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