4 Essential Memory-Boosting Foods

Research has shown that foods may help reverse memory problems – and the solution could be as close as your kitchen!

4 Essential Memory-Boosting Foods

Does the thought of losing your memory make you nervous? The good news is recent research has shown that foods may help reverse memory problems. If you're looking to sharpen your memory or increase your focus, the solution could be as close as your kitchen. Help keep your mind sharp and focused throughout the day with these four foods.

Whole Eggs

Don't skip the yolk! Yolks are rich in choline, a nutrient in the vitamin B family. A recent study found that people who have a diet rich in choline scored higher on verbal and visual memory tests and are less likely to show signs associated with dementia. Choline can lower blood levels of an amino acid called homocysteine, high levels of which can lead to heart disease, cancer and dementia. Extra choline can also aid in constructing our "memory" neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Try incorporating a whole egg into your breakfasts, but eat them in moderation as they contain dietary cholesterol.

Q: I end up overeating because it makes me feel better and I never really get full. I'd like to lose weight but this makes it hard. Any suggestions?

A: Being persistently hungry can cause big trouble. So can overeating for comfort/pleasure. These two behaviors, say researchers from Baylor University's Children's Nutrition Research Center, are controlled deep within your brain by serotonin-producing neurons, but operate separately from each other — one in the hypothalamus, the other in the midbrain. They both can, however, end up fueling poor nutritional choices and obesity.

Eating for Hunger

When hunger is your motive for eating, the question is: "Does your body know when you've had enough?" Well, if you are overweight, obese or have diabetes you may develop leptin resistance and your "I am full" hormone, leptin, can't do its job. The hormone's signal to your hypothalamus is dampened, and you keep eating.

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