Michael Pollan’s Kitchen Rules

Best-selling author Michael Pollan is a food pioneer who has transformed the way the nation thinks and eats. Pollan has unearthed many shocking details about the modern day food chain, and the connections that exist between the way we eat and the health of the land. He believes that you can take back control of your diet and health by simply cooking more meals – and staying away from processed foods!

Here are his four kitchen rules from his new book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, based on the four elements of nature: water, air, earth and fire.


Pollan urges you to lose the bottled sauces, like ketchup and barbeque sauce, and instead flavor meals by slow cooking in water. You don’t need to bathe your food in chemicals to achieve a high flavor profile. \r\n

\r\nA great way to incorporate this method of cooking is what Pollan calls “Magic Water,” or Japanese dashi. Simply combine one sheet of kombu (air-dried kelp) in a cold pot of water and heat to a boil, about 10 minutes. Dip foods like meats or vegetables into dashi for a richer, more vivid flavor. \r\n

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