Mistakes That Age You

Wake up, get ready, repeat. Even if your routine is simple, your day-to-day habits may be secretly aging you. Find out how you can erase your blunders. At the end, Dr. Oz reveals the surprising #1 age mistake!

Licking the Knife

After you’re done spreading peanut butter, what do you do with knife? If you lick it, that’s about an extra 80 calories! Lick it every day, and that totals an extra 8 pounds a year!\r\n

\r\nA few hundred calories may not seem like a lot, but, when consumed frequently, can add to your waistline – and gaining weight ages you prematurely. \r\n

\r\nHow? Fat cells get bigger and make their own hormones and chemicals that tell blood vessels to narrow, which increases blood pressure. As plaque builds up, it increases your risk for a heart attack.\r\n

\r\nErase Your Age Mistake: Wipe your knife sideways on the inside of the jar and save the excess for your next peanut butter and jelly. Cutting down in small ways can add up in the long run.

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