Mistakes That Age You

Wake up, get ready, repeat. Even if your routine is simple, your day-to-day habits may be secretly aging you. Find out how you can erase your blunders. At the end, Dr. Oz reveals the surprising #1 age mistake!

Sneaking Kid Food

It’s hard not to nab a forgotten fry or leftover macaroni and cheese that your kids didn’t eat. But scraping two spoonfuls from the bottom of the pan can add up to 50 calories. Do this twice a week, and that’s an extra 1.5 pounds a year.\r\n

\r\nThat’s not all: You can gain almost 12 pounds yearly just by making meals for your whole family! As you prepare meals and pack away leftovers, remember that every nibble counts. \r\n

\r\nErase Your Age Mistake: Put the leftovers into containers and out of sight immediately. An occasional nibble may not seem like a lot, but log your food for a week, and you’ll see that it adds up in a big way.

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