Mistakes That Age You

Wake up, get ready, repeat. Even if your routine is simple, your day-to-day habits may be secretly aging you. Find out how you can erase your blunders. At the end, Dr. Oz reveals the surprising #1 age mistake!


When you lean your head forward to tap out a text, you put a strain on the joints and muscles in your neck. Since this isn’t its natural position, the more you message, the greater the stress on your neck.\r\n

\r\nIt’s like holding a 10-pound bowling ball at arm’s length: Pretty quickly, your arm joints and muscles would throb because they aren’t designed to support weight that way for any length of time, and doing so can damage them.\r\n

\r\nErase Your Age Mistake: Hold your phone higher when you do text, keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders. Or, better yet: If you have a smartphone, use a talk-to-text application.

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