Dr. Oz's 5 Favorite Winter Drinks

Warm up to winter with these cozy brews. They'll keep you healthy during cold and flu season while packing in nutrients and vitamins, instead of calories.

Dr. Oz's 5 Favorite Winter Drinks

This season, dodge the winter chill and treat yourself to health and happiness with an Oz-approved hot drink! These steamy beverages provide a range of nutrients, rich flavors and tantalizing aromas without an excess of fat or calories.


Coffee is a year-round staple. But when the winter months roll around and the cold sets in, there’s nothing like a piping hot cup o’ Joe to jumpstart your day. With a high concentration of protective antioxidants and polyphenols, coffee in moderation can make for a delicious and healthy morning fix.

Studies suggest that Greek coffee provides even more protective compounds and health benefits than traditional coffee! Learn all about the heart-protecting superpowers of Greek coffee right here.

Will you ever feel comfortable in your own skin? That is, if you don't make an effort to protect it? Although 64% of adults do report wearing sunscreen when outside for prolonged periods of time, it turns out that only about 10% of people surveyed actually protect themselves daily, according to a recent review.

No matter what your skin tone is, unless you live in a cave with no sunlight, daily protection with either sunscreen, sunblock or protective clothing can not only protect you from developing sunburns (ouch!) but can significantly reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, particularly the deadliest type called melanoma. In addition, for those of you wanting to keep your youthful looks, daily sunscreen has been shown to reduce the development of wrinkles. A great teacher once told me that the best way to not have wrinkles is not to get them in the first place (think of how much money you can save on useless creams that claim to diminish wrinkles).

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