Power Up With These 5 Poses

Get an instant confidence boost by practicing these power poses.

Power Up With These 5 Poses

If you're feeling listless, you can quickly power up and tamp down stress in just moments! Maintaining certain power poses for only two minutes before a stressful situation – or when you just need a little boost – can decrease your stress hormones by 25% and increase testosterone by about 20%. Studies show that these poses may even boost abstract thinking, help you perform better in job interviews or before an exam and make pain easier to tolerate. Get a big dose of confidence and energy with these these easy, side-effect-free poses.

Wonder Woman

For this pose, put your hands on your hips and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your shoulders back and your chest out. After two minutes of holding this power position, you won't just look like Wonder Woman – you'll feel like her too!

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