5 Simple Steps to Happiness

Give your mood a makeover by using this 5-step plan based on the secret habits of happy people.

5 Simple Steps to Happiness

If you're looking to give your outlook on life a lift, then this plan is for you. The Dr. Oz Show surveyed over 3000 women to find the secrets to their happiness. The inspiring results showed that happy people share many of the same habits. Use this 5-step action plan to eliminate negativity from your life and improve your happiness in your day-to-day life. Get back on track and find the happiness you deserve!

Don’t Talk Negatively about Others

Negativity creates a toxic environment that can severely affect your mood. A healthy flow of serotonin, one of the happiness hormones responsible for good mood, can help maintain a positive outlook on life. What you may not realize is that negativity may be strong enough to send your happiness plummeting.

Add positivity to your life by giving at least one compliment a day. By noticing the good in people, rather than the bad, you can focus your efforts on achieving happiness and satisfaction.

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