Truth or Tale: Old Wives’ Tales Put to the Test!

Mom is always full of tips to keep you safe, happy and healthy – and many of her recommendations have been passed down for generations. But some of these health adages are nothing more than urban legends. Dr. Oz put the most common old wives’ tales under the microscope to find out if they’re fact or fiction. From stress causing graying hair to not swimming after you eat to the link between spicy foods and ulcers and more – learn the truth about the advice you’ve grown up with!

Snoring On Your Back

Several studies have found that you’re more likely to snore if you sleep on your back as opposed to sleeping on your side. Snoring is caused by the vibration of tissues in your upper airway. When you lay on your back, gravity pulls your tongue downward, and it can slip backward and partially block your airway. This blockage causes increased vibrations, which means more snoring!

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