What Your Body Language Says About Your Health

Body language sends powerful messages about what you’re thinking and feeling – but that’s not all. Nonverbal cues could also provide insight about your health. The expression on your face, the way you sit, stand or walk all could be valuable clues. Learn about the hidden signals your body is sending you and what they mean for your health.

Hunched Shoulders

Hunching forward at the shoulders could be a sign of conditions like thoracic outlet syndrome, which is often misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel. If you’ve been using a splint but haven’t found any relief, you might have thoracic outlet syndrome, which is often associated with pain, tingling and weakness in the arms and hands that is worsened by poor posture and obesity.

\r\nPrevent pain and straighten out your hunched shoulders with exercises to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder so they’re better able to support the collarbone. Try shoulder rolls – shrug your shoulders up, back and then down in a circular motion about 10 times, twice a day. \r\n

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