What Your Body Language Says About Your Health

Body language sends powerful messages about what you’re thinking and feeling – but that’s not all. Nonverbal cues could also provide insight about your health. The expression on your face, the way you sit, stand or walk all could be valuable clues. Learn about the hidden signals your body is sending you and what they mean for your health.

Throat Clearing

This habit is commonly read as a stalling technique for someone attempting to formulate an answer. But throat clearing could also be a sign of silent reflux, a type of acid reflux that presents with less obvious symptoms. This condition is connected with chronic throat clearing lasting longer than 3 months. Pay attention to triggers like heavy meals, alcohol or spicy foods, which could cause associative symptoms like postnasal drip, hoarseness, coughing or even asthma-like symptoms to flare up. Learn more about silent reflux; if these symptoms sound familiar, see your doctor.

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