Wolfgang Puck’s Lab Book

Learn how chef Wolfgang Puck made delicious sorbet in minutes using a simple science trick.

Wolfgang Puck’s Lab Book

When world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck stopped by the show, he traded his chef’s jacket for a lab coat and showed us how to make dessert using an easy science trick. Watch how Wolfgang turned a handful of basic kitchen items into a chef-worthy sorbet in just minutes. Then, try it out in your own kitchen!

How did Wolfgang make five-minute sorbet?

Wolfgang made this shortcut sorbet using the science behind any complex ice cream maker. When salt is added to ice water, it lowers its “freezing point depression.” This causes the water to continue to draw heat from the surrounding environment – in this case, the fruit juice. As the fruit juice loses more and more of its heat to the water, it freezes, transforming into sorbet in just minutes.

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