Stretching Workout


Fight stress and tension with a recycling bag! Add this gentle stretching workout to your routine. It will leave you feeling more relaxed in only 6 minutes.

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  • Broom Workout

    The next time you're sweeping your kitchen, get a workout in! This 5-minute routine will engage your core for a full-body burn.
  • Stool Workout

    Get your legs in swimsuit shape with this easy fitness routine. Just a few minutes with a step-stool will tone your legs, hips and torso.
  • Shopping Bag Workout

    Burn fat and tone your body in only a few minutes using shopping bags. Dr. Oz has a plan for you to look your best by spring without a gym membership.
  • Towel Workout

    With this fast and effective workout, you can tone your torso, legs, arms and shoulders – all with only a towel! The simple routine is only six minutes, so you'll have no excuses not to get moving and fit.
  • Laundry Bag Workout

    This laundry bag workout will trim and tone your entire body in only 5 minutes. Work your arms, legs and torso all while you're doing the weekly wash. With a workout this easy, you'll be bikini-ready by summer!

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