Below is a statement from the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association regarding electronic cigarettes:

The electronic cigarette is designed to provide for those who smoke a more logical, less harmful product to enjoy their desired nicotine than the centuries old tobacco cigarette, which we know kills over 450,000 Americans annually. The electronic cigarette contains only five basic ingredients, all of which have been approved by the FDA/EPA for human inhalation and consumption and in the U.S. food supply for generations. There have now been over 35 studies of the electronic cigarette (19 listed here) and in not one study has there ever been found a single constituent at levels harmful to humans.
The market:
Over 4 million Americans are using the electronic cigarette with sales that will top over $1.3 billion in sales for 2013 with sales looking to quadruple in the next three years.
What we don't claim:
We make no claims that the electronic cigarette is safer than tobacco cigarettes or do we make any claims that the electronic cigarette is a stop smoking or cessation product.

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