The #1 Way to Stay Motivated Working Out at Home

Yusuf Myers has the best tip for getting yourself off the couch and exercising at home during the pandemic.

Yusuf Myers

With the couch so close by every day, it can be hard to find motivation to excise at home during the pandemic. But Yusuf Myers, one of our celebrity fitness trainers with System 21, has the best advice for finding the will to get up and move.

Yusuf is bringing his workouts right to your home for our new whole-body wellness program. And he recently visited Dr. Oz with Jeanette Jenkins to lead a class and give everyone a taste of what they'll do on System 21. But he knows health is more than just about your body. You have to get your mind in shape too!

What do you do when the couch is calling your name and you're struggling to exercise?

"The key is finding a trainer that you definitely vibe with," Yusuf said. "You have to match their energy. There are so many trainers throughout the world right now who are offering a variety of classes. And if you find the right one, that has the right music, that shows you the exercises the right way, you'll never want to sit on that chair again! You'll be excited to work out again."
Now that's some encouragement we could all use!

See our schedule of free, customized exercise classes here and get everything you need to know about System 21.

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