Dr. Oz's Ultimate Grocery List


It's the only grocery list you'll ever need. Dr. Oz covers everything from produce to desserts to keep your kitchen stocked with only the healthiest foods. Take this list of 100 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart your next trip to the supermarket.

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Oz-Approved Shopping Lists

  • 99 Diet Foods Shopping List

    Not all diet foods are created equal – some might even cause you to gain weight. Take the guesswork out of your diet with this comprehensive shopping list of Oz-approved diet foods.
  • Cancer-Fighting Foods

    A healthy diet isn't only a tool to help you lose weight. Eating the right foods in the right combination can actually help prevent disease. This shopping list is your key to health and longevity.
  • Longevity Grocery List

    Fight disease and revitalize your body with powerful superfoods from Dr. Oz's food pyramid — and Mother Nature's pantry. Add years to your life. Start improving the future of your health today.

  • Dr. Oz's Shopping Guide

    • Supermarket Dangers

      You go there every week to buy nourishing food for your family, so it may be a shock to learn that there are dangers lurking in your grocery store. See 3 lurking dangers in the grocery story and 5 easy ways to keep your family healthy.
    • Dr. Oz's $1 Diet: Shopping List & Tips

      If the cost of healthy, fresh food is prohibiting you from making the changes you and your family need to eat healthy, Dr. Oz has the solution. It's time to trim the fat with Dr. Oz's $1 Diet; the only thing you can't afford is not starting today.
    • Five Foods That Should Never Be In Your Grocery Cart

      When loading up at the grocery store, steer your cart clear of unhealthy choices that can take years off your family's lives. Here are 5 foods to always avoid.

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