Yoga is an integral part of Dr. Oz's daily routine. He begins every day with a few minutes of yoga and and now you can too! Introducing Yoga in 10 - a new fitness series hosted by Dr. Oz's good friend, yoga instructor Stever Ross. Designed to teach you the fundamentals in a way that is both fast and fun, these videos are perfect for beginners interested exploring the world of yoga for the first time. Don't wait - start stretching your way to better health today! 

Watch Yoga in 10: Basic Flow to get started on the fundamentals of yoga. 

Watch Yoga in 10: Energize to learn how you can stretch away sleepiness. 

Watch Yoga in 10: Strength and Balance to learn a strength-building yoga sequence. 

Watch Yoga in 10: Relaxation to calm your body and mind with a relaxing yoga sequence. 

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