Dr. Oz and Taj George are coaching the moms of the NFL on how to conquer their weight-loss goals and break through their plateaus. Try these 3 tips to step up your weight-loss routine:

1. Switch to water-based snacks

2. Eat spicy foods like peppers and ginger that increase your metabolic rate

3. Eat proteins like fish and tofu instead of carbohydrates

Want to help lower your risk of getting cancer? The answer could be in the food you eat! Dr. John Whyte, chief medical officer at WebMD and the author of "Take Control of Your Cancer Risk," says there are three kinds of foods that could really help prevent cancer: garlic, fish and grapes. And what three kinds of foods should you avoid? Red and processed meats, refined grains, and alcoholic and sugary drinks. Watch the videos below to learn more about how food could be connected to your cancer risk.