How to Use a Defibrillator (AED)

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, you have to act fast

When someone suffers cardiac arrest, you have to act fast. An AED, automatic external defibrillator, is an essential lifesaving tool to restore the heart's rhythm. If you can restart the heart, you can save a life.


1: Locate the AED and appoint someone to call 911 immediately.

2: Check the person for breathing.

3: Apply defibrillator as illustrated on the actual pads. You may have to move the person's garments, such as a bra.

4: Turn on the device. Listen to instructions. The device will check for a pulse.

5: Deliver the charge.

This Teen Used Juice You Probably Have in Your Fridge to Invent Low-Cost Stitches That Detect Infection

Dasia Taylor's sutures can be life-changing for people in developing countries.

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Beet juice!

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