Colleen’s husband and mother join the show. Dr. Oz confronts them about their role in enabling Colleen’s food addiction. Colleen goes into detail about how and why she eats.

Click here to watch Part 1: Dr oz begins his intervention with a house call.

Click here to watch Part 2: Colleen admits why she is afraid to lose the weight.

Click here to watch Part 4: After refusing medical tests for 15 years, Colleen begins treatment.

Click here to watch Part 5: Oz explains Colleen's shocking test results.

Click here to watch Part 6: Colleens mentor, Ruby, promises to help her lose the weight.

Here's Why Your Heartburn Just Won't Go Away

Dr. Oz viewer Rose wants some help!

Dr. Oz talks to viewer Rose, who says her heartburn never seems to go away even after taking antacids. Watch the video below to see what could be giving Rose such bad heartburn (food, activities) and what she can do to help get rid of it.