The shocking results from Colleen's first set of medical tests are in.  Dr. Oz exsplains the severity of the results, and introduces Colleen to a mentor who has lost 300 pounds herself: Ruby.

Click here to watch Part 1: Dr. Oz begins his intervention with a house call.

Click here to watch Part 2: Colleen admits why she's afraid to lose the weight.

Click here to watch Part 3. Colleen's husband and mother join the show.

Click here to watch Part 4. After refusing medical tests for 15 years, Colleen begins treatment.

Click here to watch Part 6. Colleen's mentor, Ruby, promises to help her lose the weight.

After years of trying to get pregnant, doctors told Kelsi Pierce it would be near impossible for her to conceive a child. However, Kelsi got the surprise of her life when her mom volunteered to be her surrogate — and she found out she, too, was pregnant!