What dangers are lurking at your local nail salon? Dr. Oz launches an undercover investigation to find out. Learn what three dangers to avoid.

1. Dirty Tools: Traces of E. coli bacteria have been found on nail salon tools. This can cause serious infections on the hands and feet.

  • Protect Yourself: Look for salons that use UV sterilizers. A UV sterilizer can kill most of the bacteria on the tools in as little as one minute. Tools should be placed inside the sanitizer for 5 minutes.
  • Bring your own tools to the nail salon.

2. Dirty Tubs: Mycobacteria, fungus and yeast have been found in the pedicure tubs.

  • Protect Yourself: Use a tub liner to keep your feet away from the tub walls. These liners cost only about $1.
  • Never shave your legs the day you are planning to get a pedicure. The micro-nicks in the skin more readily allow these dangerous bacteria in.

3. Illegal Procedures: The "foot razor," used to remove calluses, is illegal in most states. Often, nail salon employees cut the skin by accident; most don't clean the bloody razors properly. This is a serious health violation and should be avoided entirely.

  • Protect Yourself: Use a callous solution or heel cream at home to safely dissolve hardened skin.

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