Follow Dr. Oz’s 3 simple Healthy Dinner Club rules and learn to make tasty 500 calorie dinners that will keep you slim and satisfied each and every night:

Dinner Rule #1: Portion Your Protein

You should be eating no more than 4 oz. of lean protein during meals. Measure your meat portions against an everyday kitchen sponge - compare them side by side and by volume; this will leave you with 4 oz. of protein and only 200 calories. Hint: Stay away from "prime" cuts of beef; this only means they have more fat in them. Stick to lean cuts.

Dinner Rule #2: Fill Up on Fiber

You must get at least 5 grams of fiber with your dinner. Look to low-calorie, high-fiber foods to get you there. Think whole grains and vegetables. You want to measure by volume - not weight. Use a 4 oz. ladle as your guide. For example, a 4 oz. ladle-full of peas will give you the desired fiber and about 200 calories. Hint: The average American only eats 10-12 grams of fiber a day; the ideal amount for a healthy diet is 25 grams.

Dinner Rule #3: Double the Veggies, Double the Spice

The benefits of a meal full of vegetables and spices are many. These nutritional powerhouses harbor powerful antioxidants, can be digestive aids and potent cancer-fighters. Seasoning your meals with natural spices - instead of butters and fat - will help you conserve calories. By doubling your portion of vegetables, you're only adding an additional 100 calories to your dinner.

The Perfect 500 Calorie Dinner:

Protein = 200 calories

Fiber = 200 calories

Vegetables = 100 calories

Click here to make chef Rocco DiSpirito's perfect 500 calorie dinner: salmon with mustard crust and sautéed spinach. Click here to submit your recipes and be a part of Dr. Oz's Healthy Dinner Club.