Four months after his first appearance, Steve, the Unhealthiest American, returns - and the results are unexpected. After starting off strong, Steve admits to losing steam and slacking on his health regimen. Dr. Oz and his team, dietician Kirstin Kirkpatrick and The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper, regroup to get Steve back on track. Click here to follow Steve's progress. Click here to see where Steve was just months ago.

 Motivating Weight Loss Plan

  1. Combat portion distortion.  Make sure you're eating the right amount and adjust your caloric intake to what works for you, not too few calories and not too many. This is necessary to rev up your metabolism.
  2. Visualize the finish line. Create a photo timeline of yourself. Take a new photo of yourself every week. Celebrating your small successes will keep you on the path toward your greater goal.
  3. Automate your workouts. Cut out the excuses by getting workouts off your to-do list. Exercise first thing every morning.
  4. Build community around your weight-loss plan. Friends and a support network are a necessary part of your success.

Click here for Part 1 and watch Bob Harper's gym ambush.

The #1 Thing to Remember When Caring for a Sick Parent

It can help you be a better caregiver while also releasing you of overwhelming burden.

Caring for an ageing or sick parent at home can be a wonderful act of love — but it can also be a big sacrifice. Along with the new responsibility comes added stress to your life that's probably already taxing. Not to mention, it significantly changes the relationship between the two of you. If you're a caregiver for a parent, or thinking about what next step is best, this is one of the most important things to remember about this life phase. It can help you be a better caregiver while also releasing you of a lot of the burden that comes with the role.

TV and podcast host Maria Menounos is currently taking care of her mother, who has brain cancer. She learned this lesson from a guest on her series "Better Together."

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