Understanding Aneurysms

Posted on 1/26/2010
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Dr. Oz stresses the seriousness of a condition affecting 5% of the population and strikes more women than men. One-half of those who experience a ruptured aneurysm die. Learn to detect the signs of this silent killer.                   

Symptoms of an unruptured aneurysm:

  1. Vision trouble
  2. Speech problems
  3. Impairment or loss of balance or coordination

Symptoms of a rupture:

  1. A small bleed, or sentinel bleed, will cause a minor headache.
  2. A blown-out aneurysm will cause a “thunderclap” headache – the worst headache you have ever imagined and it’s almost always accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If you experience a headache like this, go to the ER immediately.

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