When you share your life -- and bed -- with someone there are a multitude of ways to pass germs back and forth. Dr. Oz discusses the top ways couples get each other sick and some common solutions.

1. Kissing: Can cause flu/colds, gingivitis and cold sores. Avoid kissing each other until at least 7 days after the flu and use a waterpik to rinse off plaque.

2. Sex: Women commonly get UTIs and yeast infections from intercouse. Urinate immediately after sex to decrease the risk of a UTI and use anti-fungals on your partner if you pass yeast infections back and forth.

3. Holding Hands: Can commonly pass germs that cause diarrhea. Wash your hands often and thoroughly.

4. Sleeping: During the night, couples can pass germs through coughing and even through night sweats. Keep the bedroom cool and wear loose-fitting pajamas (or sleep in the buff!). Also, avoid sleeping in the same bed when one person has a persistent cough.

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