Vitamin D Grocery List

Find out which items to stock up on to meet your daily dosage.

When it comes to vitamin D, some experts believe that we aren't getting enough of this nutrient on a regular basis while others think that we're experiencing a state of vitamin D overkill. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to cancer, heart disease, depression, cognitive decline, poor bone health, and other serious conditions, but some medical professionals, like Dr. Natalie Azar, believe we shouldn't overdo it and take too much of this supplement, or make drastic lifestyle changes like stopping sunblock usage in order to get some vitamin D-soaked rays. According to preventive medicine expert Dr. David Katz, if you avoid dairy in your diet or work indoors with limited exposure to sun, you should be tested to make sure your vitamin D levels are in order. While many of us believe that this nutrient can only be found in dairy foods like milk and cheese, there are actually a number of other delicious items you can stock up on to meet your daily dose. If you're heading to the grocery store and want to try something new, print this vitamin D grocery list and take it with you when you're on the move.