System Oz 4-Week Meal Plan & Shopping Lists

Don't worry. There are snacks and desserts.

System Oz 4-Week Meal Plan & Shopping Lists

On the System Oz whole-body wellness plan, you'll eat food that actually tastes good! The Dish crew put together a ton of great recipes packed with meat, beans, grains, veggies and fruits — all the healthy stuff your body needs without sacrificing flavor.

To get you started, here's a four-week meal plan of two brunches, two dinners, a snack and a dessert. There are also shopping lists to help you stock up on all the food you'll need to cook those recipes each week.

If you want to tailor this plan to your preferences, here's your System Oz-approved food list and snack list. Find the rest of the System Oz recipes here.


Falafel Waffle With Lemon Yogurt

Braised Chicken With Spicy Kale & Cannellini Beans

Chickpea Pasta With Kale & Mushrooms

One-Pan Salmon With Chickpeas & Kale

Click here to download: System Oz Week 1 Shopping List.pdf


Easy One-Pan Crispy Chicken With Beans & Arugula

Mushroom, Scallion & Spinach Frittata

Fire-Roasted Veggie Chili With Lentils & Spinach

Cheesy Baked Barley

Click here to download: System Oz Week 2 Shopping List.pdf


Bright Butternut Squash Noodle Bowl With Chicken & Broccoli

Easy Green Salmon Bowl With Garlic & Ginger

Butternut Squash Noodle Lo-Mein

Easy Zoodle Shrimp 'Scampi'

Click here to download: System Oz Week 3 Shopping List.pdf


Jamika's Thai Peanut Salad With Chicken

Shrimp & Bean Quinoa Bowl

Daphne's Turkey & Bean-Stuffed Peppers

Mediterranean Meatball Bowl With Olives, Feta & Quinoa

Click here to download: System Oz Week 4 Shopping List.pdf

4 Simple Tips for Sticking With Your New Food or Exercise Plan

The right motivation can make all the difference.

Q: I try to make myself eat less and work out more, but I end up not doing anything that I promised myself I would. How can I stay motivated?

Answer: Motivation — it's the most elusive ingredient in any get-healthy plan, and the most essential! So think about why you want to become healthier: to protect brain function, to dodge disease, to not break a hip? Whatever it is, recognize that when you drop the ball you're really saying to yourself that those things don't matter. But they do! So...

1. Inspire Yourself

Write out what it will mean to you if you stick with your plan to become healthier. Refer to it frequently, especially when in the vicinity of cake, fries or the couch!

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