2 Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations to Keep You Motivated

Here's their advice for you in your own weight loss journey.

2 Inspiring Weight Loss Transformations to Keep You Motivated

Starting a weight loss or health journey is a huge step for anyone. For Hilary Oronsaye and Alexandria Thomas, they knew exactly how much was at stake. Hilary wanted to take back her health after being bullied for her 285-pound weight. Alexandria wanted to reprioritize her health after a serious health condition and depression that left her at 250 pounds. The changes they made and the progress they saw in themselves was amazing. They're sharing their stories to show that you too can overcome your struggles to have the healthy and happy life you deserve.

Hilary Oronsaye: Lost 100 pounds

After being bullied for her weight, she reclaimed her health and identity through consistency and patience.

On her breaking point & motivation: "My brother passed away which really hit me hard. Then again in quarantine I actually gained about 15 more pounds. I was at my heaviest of 285 pounds. It was really pretty big but I started to really try to prioritize on health. I would have doctors constantly telling me that I needed to lose weight because my family, they suffered from underlying health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. I started to do these like 10-minute workouts that I get through two months of because I was so heavy. But with each workout, I felt stronger and I just continued to try to see where I could progress. By sharing my story and seeing how I have been able to inspire so many people, it's really kept me motivated."

On being bullied about her weight: "Losing weight, definitely, it was revenge on everyone. I have been bullied and tormented my entire life. Basically my entire childhood, I would be called names. ... It really took a toll on my mental health. I even had a really close friend that even talked about my appearance, my weight to a complete stranger, which really made me feel depressed. ... I still have those scars, but I try to heal with working out. ... As a college student, as a fitness influencer, everyday life can be really hectic, so when I'm working out, it helps me to clear my head as well."

On kicking her daily soda habit: "I replaced it with some of my protein shakes. I try to stay away from high-sugar drinks."

Her advice to you if you're starting your own weight loss journey: Watch the video below!

Alexandria Thomas: Lost 105 pounds

After a devastating diagnosis and depression, she reclaimed her health through exercise & eating lean meat and greens.

On her breaking point: "In 2018, I got a grim reality check from my doctor. I was told that not only was I obese, I'm diagnosed with ovarian fibroids. It's about the size of softballs. And I spiraled into a depression to the point where I was 250 pounds. I was having suicidal thoughts. It's a point where I just didn't want to live anymore, and I have very few pictures and those few pictures, ... I didn't even believe it was me. I vowed that I was going to change my life after I got [the fibroids] removed. I said I'm going to hire a trainer, somebody to help me with my meals and prepare. That's what I did, and I lost my first 50 pounds. ... To keep going, I'm going to compete in a bodybuilding competition. They had a transformation category just to celebrate you, and I said, I'm going to enter that and I did. Right now, I lost 105 pounds and it changed my life. You can do this. It doesn't matter where you're coming from. It doesn't matter, if you set the goals, you can do it."

On how she felt about herself back then: "I was 250 pounds. I literally thought I hated myself. I literally thought I was unworthy of living. I didn't want to be here. ... I just knew that something had to change. When I had fibroids, they took over my life. That's what really set everything and I had to change. I had to be here for my family."

On how she feels about herself now: "Right now I see someone who's confident. I see someone who can take on any challenge. I walk with my head high when I walk, when I go in the street."

What she has for breakfast: "We have oats and we have almond butter. Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates. It's good for your cholesterol and then almond butter is a really healthy fat, so that will help you get your energy in your morning and get you going."

What she has for lunch: "I'll have my lunch and then I'll go straight to the gym. So this is my pre-workout meal: salmon, asparagus, and quinoa. Salmon because it has some omega-3s in there, and that mixed with the quinoa, the complex carb will help your muscles grow a little bit more. It's really good. It'll fire up your muscles for your pre-workout and of course, you need your micronutrients. You need your greens to keep you healthy."

What she has for dinner: "I eat every 3-4 hours. My first dinner is around 5:00 p.m. and that's post-workout. I eat right after the workout. My sessions are long, about 2-3 hours, and post-workout is my grilled chicken. Jasmine rice and green beans or whatever green I want. And the reason why I have [a second] 'dinner' is because I'm still hungry at 8 o'clock. And to avoid eating chips or snacking on that pint of ice cream or cookies, I have my Oikos Triple Zero sweet yogurt and my protein shake. And sometimes I mix it together and make me a little sweet treat. I feel like I had that fix."

Her advice to you if you're starting your own weight loss journey: Watch the video below!

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