Top 5 Health Benefits of Matcha

Find out why the popular green tea known as Matcha deserves it’s moment in the spotlight.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Matcha

It seems like you can't check your social media accounts lately without seeing the telltale bright green color of matcha-infused lattes, cakes, and smoothies. Luckily, matcha is just as healthy as it is eye-catching. Here are the five definitive health benefits you can look forward to when sipping regularly.

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May Fight Infections and Diseases

The catechins in matcha may also reduce the damage to cells in the case of illness or infections. These disease-fighting antioxidants and flavonoids can improve your overall health and even fight cancer in some instances. The key is to drink tea made with pure matcha powder. You should check that your tea is from Japan to ensure it’s a high quality product and not a cheap derivative, you should also buy organic whenever you can to get the highest nutritional content, and check that it’s a bright green color. When the tea turns brown it’s already oxidizing, and that indicates that it is no longer as fresh and potent as it once was.

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